Mitch Wilder


"Mitch Wilder is a truly exceptional individual. He possesses a very unique combination of skills and character traits that make him stand head and shoulders above his peers. He is also laser focused on delivering real business value - revenues and profits.


Mitch has delivered millions of dollars in product sales and improved conversions by over 300%. In addition to delivering exceptional results, Mitch is a man of unusual integrity and drive for results.


If you are fortunate enough to do business with Mitch, he will make you and your company a lot of money."


- Diego Saenz

  President ICC dba and Pet   Product, an INC 500 and         Top 10 Nielsen Ranked Pet Website

"Mitch Wilder is the quintessential map maker for your company. Whether sales, direct response, landing page design or overall business strategy and development, Mitch does it all.


Regardless of the issue that arises, Mitch always has a well thought out analysis of the problem or situation and a fully actionable plan to either fix or at a minimum improve the issue.


I can and will recommend Mitch Wilder to anyone looking for a solid consultant who knows how to drive and make sales while helping give organizational and strategic direction, whether in the pet industry or any other industry for that matter."


- Ryan Robert

  VP Operations, Pet Healthy Holdings

"Mitch Wilder has been an integral part of our young, growing company. He is responsible for an opportunity that has led to over $100,000 in sales in just 7 months.


Thanks to his ability to think outside the box and recognize unique possibilities that others might not see, he has the ability to uncover hidden opportunities within the pet industry. He has been reliable with follow-up, and was diligent about moving through the steps necessary to have created our mutually beneficial business relationship.


I view Mitch Wilder as one of a few key resources who have significantly and positively impacted our company."


- Stan Pelz

  Owner/Inventor Wash 'n' Zip Pet Bed


Mitch Wilder is an ecommerce sales conversion expert and business development professional with 15 years experience. He has successes in the natural health industry creating a private label supplement line for Dr. Atkins (of the Atkins Diet fame), and building a 5,000 direct sales force. Mitch also has multiple successes in the pet industry.


Hired initially by (an INC 500 and Top 10 ranked Nielsen website) for a two-month product consulting contract in 2009, Wilder was rehired in 2011 for a product and business development contract which renewed continually for more than three years, until eventually the company was sold to Embrace Pet Insurance. At PetPlace, Mitch Wilder honed his skills in direct response email marketing and led the company with products and promotions that translated into record high ecommerce sales conversions. Also responsible for business development, Wilder brought in very lucrative and profitable strategic partnerships with 1-800-PetMeds, PetFlow and others.


After his time with PetPlace, Mitch Wilder consulted to and has provided high sales converting landing pages, emails or websites for Pet Healthy Holdings, Only Natural Pet, Petsmart, American Valley Pet, Entirely Pets, and brands like Greenies, Kitty Kaviar, Bark Genie, Perfect Litter, Okocat and Castor + Pollux.


"It is a very exciting time for ecommerce and I feel fortunate to be a part of this amazing industry. Ecommerce is the only industry where the store is open 24/7 and at any time an etailer can test products and offers, target a specific customer base through list segmentation, and generate immediate revenue and profits."


With a passion for creating B2B or B2C website sales conversions and building platforms for new sales, Mitch Wilder is dedicated to helping businesses maximize profits online through proven ecommerce strategies. Wilder has relationships with many ecommerce pros and pet industry experts to ensure success for his clients. He is also a big fan of team building to ensure success, workplace recognition and incentives.


"I take on clients whose products or services I truly believe are aligned for success. Their success becomes my success. I have worked with the same U.S.-based team for over seven years and continually add new superstars to the roster. Our contractors are hand-selected because they are the best in their field. We all work well as a team, driven with the singular goal of achieving success for our clients. We also continue testing until we receive optimum sales conversions.


One of our biggest successes was with a new bark control product from First Alert called the Bark Genie. Through our targeted ecommerce promotions, we sold more Bark Genies in one year than the entire Walmart chain! At its highest, this promotion converted at 26.32% on a 394,000 list; and it consistently converted over 14%. Our unique direct response video, optimized landing page and special offer converted a virtually unknown product into an online brand with market demand. See our case study below.